Consiko, your IT partner

In a fast-changing world, we believe every digitalization must provide the correct service at the exact right moment.
To achieve this, Consiko will advice and propose solutions to fulfill your needs!

Our Products & Services

Consiko will guide you towards the ideal digitalization you need for you as an individual or small enterprise.


Knowing and understanding what you need, can be difficult without knowing what the possibilities are. This is where Consiko makes the difference, by thinking out of the box. We advise you the best possibilities that will fit with your needs.


With our specialization in IT Development, we offer several types of solutions going from back office to web applications.


Having the right pace of maintenance in your IT services is the key to continuous growth. This allows you to continue to provide the best service to your customers.

Our Values

Commitment, Reliability and Creativity are our core values and will be reflected in every service provided by Consiko.


Committed on our projects, we promise a very high availability to our customers. We react fast to all their necessities.


With the expertise we have, we ensure that you can rely on us. We will listen to the needs of our customers and provide them with the best advise we can. This without losing the quality we deliver.


Like every need is different, every solution should be different. It has to fit the exact needs of our clients. This is why our creative mindset is key in our way of working and collaboration.

Our Clients


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